Monday, May 09, 2011

Addendum to TMAC trial..

Still coming down after an awesome weekend with the Woo...As usual there's some additional reflection that goes on after the weekend.
Smurf and Woo resting Saturday night.

I'm usually fanatical about packing. Somehow in the cross-over between winter trial gear and summer trial gear or perhaps because I've lived in Vermont's version of Seattle weather the last two weeks I totally goofed in several key areas of packing when traveling to an outdoor spring/summer trial. Like Arthur Dent (HHGTTG) a hat or baseball cap is your "towel" - a hat keeps sun and rain off your face and hair-line. I forgot my hat. Which wouldn't have been so bad had I also not forgotten my sunscreen. Yep - forgot them both! I know that my sunscreen was in my van as recently as Syracuse - I'm not at all sure where it went. Shame on me for taking it for granted and leaving it home. SHAME SHAME SHAME. I managed to borrow several doses of sunscreen from friends this weekend, thus escaping from a burn - but I know better and should do better on both accounts. I DID however plan for rain and packed three fleece jackets which I didn't use at all.
Woo's winnings!

I have a winter trial box and a summer/spring trial box. The winter box contains ummm-winter gear {GRIN}. The summer box has the tarps, shade cloths, bungees, alligator clips, etc. Shade cloths were there and some bungees/clips were there - but I'm missing about 75% of my supply. Over the years I've lent and not gotten back, I've re-purposed and I'm sure I've left more than my fair share of clips in parking lots all over New England. I'm still figuring out how I want to tarp and mesh my new van - there's a bit of a learning curve I think I have a configuration that I like now and I had exactly the number of clips I needed - not a single extra clip. I'll be making a trip to the hardware store for replenishment this week. I really should have spent some time last week going through the box to make sure all the pieces and parts were there.
Murph says: "Look NO CONE!!!!"

I usually bring a tent down for the outdoor gives me someplace to park the dogs - and myself out of the sun. I worked out of the van this weekend, parking in the shade, getting the tarps on the van early in the day and checking on the dogs often. I think I was actually able to keep the dogs cooler in the van than dogs in the tent. From the "know your dog" perspective - both dogs rested significantly MORE this weekend then they do if they're in a tent ringside...We're mostly staying indoors this summer because it's so disappointing to drive 4 hours, stay in a hotel and then scratch your dog when the turf deteriorates to unsafe conditions...
McDonalds' parking lot - Randolph, VT
at sunset. Vermont really is a beautiful place....

DRINK MORE WATER. It's Monday and I'm still recovering from dehydration. It's really easy and handy to grab a soda from the workers' cooler, or from my own stock - but I really need to drink more water on trial weekends. I spend all week hydrating and all weekend dehydrating. Ironic too that I put so much thought into the dog's hydration and just don't do the same for myself.

I stopped at the Randolph McDonalds (an hour from home) on the return trip for a coffee and Teller's cheeseburger. I think it's quite possible that of all the THOUSANDS of McDonalds in this country the Randolph McDonalds has the best view  - Unreal.

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