Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to open the pool!

Well, time to start opening the pool anyway - it was 80 degrees here yesterday, unseasonably warm for April - even the end of April. Opening the pool is almost always cold and wet business - so I decided to seize the day (and the warmth) to get the bulk of the opening over with - it was too hot (too much of a change too quickly) to take Teller for a run last night anyway and Murphy is still on the disabled list. It takes a few days to get the algae filtered and the leaves scooped out. It's usually about a week after the initial opening before the dogs can start their swim season. I inadvertently started the swim season early with a fall into this water. Always frightening when you don't know what's below the surface of the water - oh and it was 45 degrees.

Here's what our pool looked like Wednesday afternoon when I started:

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