Saturday, April 09, 2011

Saturday Training at the Barn - April 9th, 2011

Another glorious spring-time day! Woo and I (and Murphy too) went down to the waterbury barn today to work at the NOMAD practice...Here's what we worked today:

Worked Teller a bit at 26" this week - I'm vaguely considering entering him in a couple of USDAA trials and my option is to jump him at 26" regular or 22" performance...two inches either way - I didn't notice a difference in his style at 26", but I haven't noticed any difference at 22" either...Nice to have some options though.


The red sequence was super fun with a neat pull-through. For the blue sequence I ended up rear-crossing the a-frame...still not something Teller likes (or maybe it's me!), he looks for me while he creeps into his 2o2o - I guess I just need to keep doing more of that...

And then we ran this course:

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