Thursday, April 21, 2011

Murphy Update...April 21st.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - ah hell - it's just been a crazy not-very-good week for us this week. Swirling around Murphy's post-surgical complications has been a crazy week on-call with the pager and light coverage at work. On a personal note and more upsetting are two close friends in various levels of crisis, there are sad people, sick people, hurting people
Thursday AM
and I'm unable to impact change for any of them. I'm not the kind of person who does well with things that are out of my control - and that's where I've been living this week. Fly by the seat of your pants, the world is spinning and I can't put my feet on the floor to make it stop.

So for the Murphy update. Things were looking OK this morning. He's had four days on the cipro, the wound was looking better - lots of dried blood but the wound was not hot and not inflamed...

The picture above shows how things looked this AM...

Murphy resting Thursday AM - yes, that's HIS foot over
the top of his lampshade. 
I was up late last night (this morning) working on some servers - so we slept in this morning (to a whopping 6:20am). It's pretty easy to keep Murphy settled so long as we're all in bed. I've had lots of suggestions about trying various soft cones or inflatable collars - but honestly Murphy has the ability to thwart them all - he can flip the softones inside out and he's so bendy he can actually get his leg up and into his size 30 plastic lampshade...

Once we get up it's go go go until breakfast! Murphy was in relative good spirits this morning - he was even able to work on a bit of a cone-free down-stay this morning while waiting for breakfast.

Good stay this morning boys....could you look any more
pathetic if you tried?
Because of my late night server work (and the 6am and 7am pages) I took my time getting ready for work this morning, when I got out of the shower I KNEW something was wrong - VERY WRONG. Murph was in full panic mode galloping back and forth between my dressing room and the kitchen. I come out of the bathroom and there is blood EVERYWHERE! Blood on the floor, blood on Murphy's cone, blood on Q, blood on the refrigerator - you get the idea. So I'm trying to figure out why he's freaking out - and I realize there's a chunk of scabby skin hanging off his hock. I pick up the phone and dial the vet as I'm trying to stabilize Murphy enough to figure out if I could (should) remove the piece that was hanging off... (I did).

Thursday afternoon -
Humpty-Dumpty is back
together again....
So off to the vet and Murphy gets dropped off for the day while they try to clean up and stabilize the wound. A few more stitches, some staples and a lot of crossed fingers that the skin available to close will stay closed...So a groggy Murphy came home, ate dinner and crashed on the sofa. His leg actually looks SO much better all cleaned up and closed. He's up to the Cipro twice a day now - at least through Monday, still on the Vetprohen (Rimadyl) and we added Tramadol three times a day at least through Monday...

I think Teller had his first day home alone ever - I mean the cat was here of course - but I don't think I've ever left him home by himself for more than an hour or so. Looks like everything was fine here and on the way to pick up Murphy I loaded Teller into the van to take him to the school. I'm throwing the ball - with the chuck-it and I see this little boy walking towards us - from 1/2 mile away, then 1/4 mile, then 100' - ummm, he's on an interception course isn't he? I'm on the phone talking to Anita and then suddenly this random boy is 10' away. Holy crap. He squeaks "HIIIIIIIIII GOLDEN RETRIEVER!!!!!" then looks at me (Teller barely holding a stay in heel position) "can I please pat your golden retriever?". Ummm, OK, let me get his collar (Teller wiggles). Let me back up - both my dogs LOVE kids. Like they were genetically programmed to go out and find children to love them. It's kind of freaky - cause (obviously) I don't have children and as a whole, they really don't see and interact with a lot of kids.

Teller and his new friend on the playground.
So the boy pats Teller, Teller enjoys pats - but after four days without a run he's a little bit jeeped - wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.... So I throw the ball a couple of times and then the boy asks "Can I throw the ball for him?" "Sure" I say and I hand him the chuck-it. He throws the ball, Teller retrieves (to me), I put the ball back into the chuck-it, boy throws the ball - repeat - about 100 times. Teller is happy, the boy is delighted because he is SURE that Teller is his new best friend. Now it's time to pack up Woo and head over to the vet to pick up Murphy - what does this random unattended minor do? Bends down and gives Teller a HUGE bear hug and says - very seriously:  "Good bye my new friend. I love you Teller" and he walks away from the direction he came from. OMG, I don't know where this unattended small child came from -it's odd to me that this little boy who seems so sweet and so trusting is by himself on a deserted playground (vacation week). I was hesitant to ask too many questions because I didn't want to set off "Stranger Danger" alarms.

I'm not sure if I'm just physically and mentally exhausted (knowing lots and lots of people have it WAY worse than I do) or if it was just how I was feeling from the rigors of the week - but that hug and moment between the boy and Teller was enough to make me weepy.  Good boy Teller-Woo.

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