Friday, April 15, 2011

Murphy Update...

We're now 48 hours post-mass removal and tooth extraction for Murphy. He's being a good patient, though I know he's in pain - mostly his mouth I think. Murphy has even kept his bandage on (a hock bandage even) with minimal attention to it. All in all positive - but I really hate to see my boys hurting and be unable to fix it.

The boys had yesterday "off" no romps, no retrieves - just a walk around the block after dinner. Today though Teller had to get out and run off some energy. Murphy really doesn't HAVE to run off energy - but we all needed to get out today. Murph had to stay on-leash and he wasn't particularly thrilled with the restriction, but he quickly "got over it". It LOOKED gorgeous out today even though the temperature when we arrived at the school was a chilly 38 degrees...

A tethered Murphy. One of the best "tricks" I ever taught my dogs - when
the flexi drops you stop (and stay). Just like an old ranch horse. 

Meanwhile Teller is off to retrieve his ball.

Murph dragging me onto the field.

Fortunately (for Murphy) it's possible to graze while leashed - actually
his favorite part of romps at the school.

Teller keeps running.

Murphy's second favorite thing to do on romp sessions...

STILL rolling, rolling, rolling.

Teller decides to join the fun.....
 Now for "tripe-night" at the homestead (that means dining al fresco).

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