Monday, April 18, 2011

Murphy Update - April 18th.

Woe is Murphy.
Another Murphy update - he's now five days post mass-removal...My last update was Friday - there's been some "activity" since then.

The bandage came off on Saturday. Post-surgical instructions were to leave the bandage on 2-3 days if he'd keep it on. He was actually very good about keeping it on and when Saturday dawned and the bandage was still intact I decided to wait until after the NOMAD barn practice to remove it (and assess the situation) so that he wouldn't have to wear a cone in his crate in the van. So when we got home I put him directly up on the grooming table and began to cut the bandage off. As soon as I started I knew it was going to be ugly underneath - and it was. Moist, warm, red and ugly. There was lots of dried blood around the incision site with no evidence of stitches, though it was hard to tell with the entire area swollen.

Saturday Afternoon
Step one, while shielding the incision site, I used some waterless shampoo to get the surrounding area (low hanging feathers) de-gored as I think that was a good chunk of the putrid smell. Some feathers had stuck into the wound from above so those too were cut and cleaned. I flushed the incision site with some hydrogen peroxide. Of course it's Saturday, so my options were 1) watch and wait or 2) hit the ER vet.  After a couple of sanity checks from my peeps and taking his temperature and checking his gums (his mouth seems to be healing as expected by the way - even though he managed to pop THOSE stitches too), I made the decision to wait and watch.

Step two involved putting Murphy in a cone of shame. Yes, I know about (and I own) several alternatives to the plastic lampshade (the soft e-collar, the inflatable e-collar, the no-bite collar) - but none of those work for Murphy. Murphy is - how should I put this - phenomenally bendy. Has been since he was a puppy - it is amazing the things he can do to his body - even now as a seven year old. Yes, my friends, Murphy can get his hind leg in his mouth with one of those no-bite/inflatable collars in about 2.5 seconds. How? I have no idea - but it's impressive.

Sunday Morning
On Sunday morning, Murph's leg looked better...if only a little. Less moist, less red and not hot. Whew! Might we be on the other side of this? I cleaned it twice with hydrogen peroxide, trimmed some more feathers - and kept the cone on all day Sunday. Poor Murph had to ask for water (thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, GLARE) - something I KNOW that he takes for granted these days.

Monday Evening
This morning (Monday) the ugly boo-boo was back - I don't know what happened. It was better and then it was worse. So off to the vet we went this morning....Diagnosis infection (no surprise there), will heal slower now that it's infected and partially open. Murphy is on 12 days of Cipro, a few more days of the Vetprophen (Rimadyl) and a surgical flush 2x day...Oh, and more cone, more pathetic face.

Murph rocking the cone...
Tonight it looked better when I got home from work (left) - not great - but better than this morning. I'm trying to keep Murphy laying down - which is tough as his default behavior is actually a sit - which means he smacks down HARD on that hock every time he sits....

And I feel awful because I made the choice to have this done to him - necessary procedure or not - he's still in a lot of pain and it looks like a relatively long healing process ahead for him.

Woo is bored...
Teller would really like to spend the rainy evening at the school tonight, but alas...sorry dude. I don't want Murph moving around a lot tonight and for at least tonight that means no ride in the van (even in the middle section) and no pouting left home alone...

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