Thursday, April 28, 2011

From winter to summer...

Here we are - the 28th of April, it was 85 degrees in my backyard yesterday - only a week ago we had a high (if you can call it that) of 35 degrees. We had a significant snow storm here on April 1st - today I noticed that my lawn really needs to be mowed... The pool is filtering through a winters worth of leaves and algae already - it's spring - time for some outdoor shorts of the boys...By the way, I'm kind of obsessed with the lush green of spring in my yard :-)

April 28th: Teller free-stacking/utility signal/stay :-)
Taken with iPhone 4 - Camera +

April 28th: Murphy working his utility stand/stay.
Not too shabby for a "senior" eh?
Taken with iPhone 4 - Camera +
April 28th: Teller on a sit-stay
Taken with iPhone 4 - Camera +

April 28th: Slow and steady progress for Murphy.
Taken with iPhone 4 - Camera +
And  now for a brief Murphy update: The healing process is slow - and on-going. It was a week ago that Humpty Murphy got sewn back together again. The Monday check-up was good, with any luck, we can keep the stitches and staples in through next Tuesday. His hair is starting to grow back and he's able (under strict supervision) to have his cone off for short periods of time. I'm letting him take himself outside for potties - neither dog actually self-exercises out in the yard anyway - of course supervision is key in these things as well...Murphy is scheduled to finish the last of his antibiotics tomorrow AM.

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