Friday, April 08, 2011

First hill-work of the season...

Oh the sun was out today - temps in the mid-50's even....sure made today's trip to the school the nicest one this week. The snow is steadily melting and the footing is slowly drying up  at the school - I figured today was as good as ever to start some hillwork with the boys (well, mostly Teller - Murphy doesn't really see the point).

There isn't a big hill at the school, but enough to get some conditioning reps in on this field before we transition to the summer fields (with bigger hills) and in a few weeks start getting some swim-laps on the routine (I can hope anyway - the pool is still pretty frozen).

What goes up.....

Must come down....

(and sometimes over)
Its always easy to forget that our dogs need some time to get used to the warmer temperatures....thirty five on Tuesday - Teller got a bit hot tonight.
Teller takes a break in one of the last remaining snowbanks.

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