Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feel-good story of the week...

The  federal TSA dog training program just bred it's 500th puppy for security and explosive detection work. A little known (at least previously)  fact is that each and every TSA puppy is named for a victim of the September 11th attack on America (World Trade Center, Pentagon and flight 93).

From the TSA press-release website:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Puppy Program today announced the birth of Dolan, its 500th puppy. As part of TSA's Explosives Detection Canine Team efforts, the Puppy Program names each of the puppies after a 9/11 victim to honor their memory and this puppy was named afterCapt. Robert Edward Dolan Jr., who lost his life in the attack on the Pentagon.
"My children and I are very excited to have a puppy named in Bob's memory," said Lisa Dolan, wife of the late Captain Dolan. "Bob began his military career as an explosives ordnance expert. When he was killed at the Pentagon, he was working on Homeland Defense, and so it very fitting to have one of the TSA puppies named for our hero, Captain Bob Dolan. Knowing "Puppy Dolan" will one day be an explosives detection canine in the service of our country is reassuring. Dolan's future career keeping travelers safe is a fitting addition to Bob's legacy of freedom." (READ MORE)

Grab the tissues and watch the Dolans meet Dolan.

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