Monday, April 25, 2011

Burlington Obedience Training Club - April 23-24, 2011

Crazy weekend at our "home" show this weekend! Good friends (canine and human), lots of laughter, challenging and fun courses by Jude Valloze, some good runs - some not so good runs and lots of work running around supporting the home show! It was 5am mornings and 10pm nights - not exactly my usual hours of sleep and wake cycles. It's Monday evening and I'm still recovering!!!

Run by run recap:
Saturday Standard - started with a tunnel and as soon as I sent him into the tunnel it really felt like I didn't have a lot of "dog" left. He was hot - which I'm sure is part of the problem - but he just felt slow. He wasn't jumping as carefully as he usually does. When I realized he wasn't going to have momentum for a rear-cross at the weaves - not gracefully anyhow - I left him to put in a front cross and he took a bar. On the video he's WAY close to that jump (180). I don't know - but after this run I was concerned that he was sore or off - I couldn't feel or see anything, so I did decide to run him in JWW. When I looked at the YPS for this run, he wasn't moving as slowly as it felt like he was - maybe I'm just too used to "dirt dawg" Teller :-)

Saturday JWW - Q with a 3rd placement and 8 points.

Sunday Standard - An over-correction to a tunnel-tunnel-tunnel discrimination (yes, two tunnels - three openings in play) cost us a refusal. Nice stopped a-frame though :-) Teller went a bit into over-achiever mode - but overall kept it together a little better.

Sunday JWW - SUPER fast course - smooth run - lots of really good things. A mis-read post-turn at #17 (of 18) caused a back jump and cost us the Q (which likely would have been 2nd place too)...Teller actually went BEHIND me to back jump. We need to see a few more post-turns I suppose :-)

Here's the video:

He really is becoming a dirt-dog - turf is OK - the comfort king matting (like at High Goal Farm) is really good for him, but the Woo runs best when it's cold (and he's cool) and he's got dirt between his feet...


Nicole Min Pin said...

Is there any school where you can just leave your dog and come back after their training? I want to enroll my dog to an obedience school but I don’t have the time to watch her while in training because of my busy schedule.

. said...

Yes Nicole, there are - and if you're in the Burlington area check out "Show Me The Biscuit" in Williston, VT. They have a day program on a couple weekdays...You'll find though that you will need to maintain the training and consistency to keep what you're paying someone else to "put in". Day-training (or board and train) helps - but it doesn't complete the whole equation.