Monday, April 04, 2011

Addendum to Salt City Cluster

Some random thoughts and moments from the weekend:

Somewhere east of Ironville.
Greta Garmin waking up on the wrong side of the dash Wednesday AM and sending me on the most random road to get to I87 - and ME for thinking "hey, I've got some time, let's try it". Did anyone else know that Ironville, NY is the birthplace of the "electric age"? Interesting since the entire town appears to be two houses, a museum and a fire-station:

A year's worth of chili "secret" ingredient procured at Roma Imports in Saratoga (best Sandwiches ever).

Peri-peri pepper....
Setting the alarm for (and getting up at) 5am four mornings in a row - not because we were running early, but because I wanted to park near one of the side doors of the Pepsi building to facilitate working out of my car this weekend....AND finding out that I wasn't the only one of my friends arriving at the crack of dawn for parking :-) Oh how about lugging in/setting up two crates, crate mats, crate pads, gallons of water, bowls, etc in the event that I decided to bring the boys in - only to have to lug said equipment back outside again Sunday afternoon - totally unused. Ahhhh, the things we do for our doggies.

Vanna demonstrating "Wango Tango" sauce
from Dinosaur Bar-B-Q.
Dinosaur BBQ on Willow Street in Syracuse - as Ann would say: Ahhhhh-Maaaaa-Zing!

Following up to the minute results from the AKC Nationals in Virginia from my iPhone all weekend and relaying New Englander's successes. So proud of everyone down there this weekend!

Friday night I'm walking from the hotel to the restaurant next door and I manage to slip on some mud in the parking lot and fall down (HARD). I get up, do that quick look around to see if anyone witnessed the fall (they didn't) and then realize that my right side (and both hands) are covered with greasy winter parking lot mud. Oh yes, from my shoes, to my striped agility pants, to my fleece jacket, to my hands, wrist and elbow. I walk into the restaurant intent on washing my hands and cleaning up only to discover that our call-ahead seating wasn't for the casual upstairs restaurant, but for the hoity-toity downstairs restaurant ($25-30/entree restaurant).The hostess takes one look at me all muddy and FILTY and offers to take my coat. "ummmm, I don't think you want to touch it"....Ahhh....good times.

The boys are ready for something! 
I get back to the hotel and decide to wash my fleece out in the sink with the hotel shampoo packets. Four packets and 25 minutes later the water in the sink finally runs clean and I pronounce my fleece "clean enough for a dog show". It took another 15 hours to dry enough to wear - but in the grand scheme of things it could have been worse - no broken skin or bones and plus my fleece smells all nice and shampoo-ey now.

Sunday at the agility rings there were a lot of spectators ringside...I'm standing ringside with a video camera getting ready to tape my friend Sharon and her AWESOME (and FAST) border collie Ali. The camera rolls and Sharon starts her run - Ali is lightening fast and SCREAMING. This boy - my guess somewhere between 8-10 years old is standing ringside watching, his younger sister next to him and his mother behind him. Ali starts running and the boy exclaims (pretty loudly) "Holy $#!^!!!!". At which point I see (out of the corner of my eye) his mother smack him up-side the head (Leroy Jethro Gibs style) for cussing. I nearly bust a gut it was so spontaneously funny.

Teller's QQ cheeseburger from Five Guys.
This wasn't my first year out in Syracuse running agility - the first year Murph ran on MaxTrax, Teller's year it was on tenderfoot matting rolls. MaxTrax was slippery but cushioned, The Tenderfoot matting was nice and grippy but didn't have a lot of cushioning. The Max200 folks knocked one out of the park this year with the footing - one ring the ribbed rubber over MaxTrax (padding and grippy) and the other ring was a carpet foam under that ribbed matting (even cushier and still grippy). Probably one of the best surfaces we'll see all year - in a temporary footing that was laid down on Wednesday morning and broken down (packed up and shipped out) on Sunday night. Impressive - and so much appreciated. Thank you Max 200 and Onondaga Kennel Association for continuing to improve the surfaces for our dogs (and exhibitors).

Oh and Five Guys cheeseburger for Teller-Woo on the way home (as payment for a QQ). Don't worry - he shared with Murphy!

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