Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I love my agility peeps - reason #42

I get home on Sunday night - coming off a pretty stressful week (personally and professionally) - lots and lots of sleep disruption from the pager, then the trial weekend that just didn't go as planned, the lost dog that we unsuccessfully tracked Sunday afternoon when we got home from the trial weekend, etc. I didn't even sit down to watch my runs until Monday evening - and what did I find - well this video - taken by Ann. Totally cracked me up!

By the way - about Ann? Well, she rocks. One of those people who is just this AMAZING person. She and her PWD Fisher are phenomenal competitors - Fisher is currently ranked #2 PWD in the country with 2o2o contacts that are so bloody solid (I so jealous of those contacts!!!). Ann is one of those people who sits outside the ring and cheers (literally) for every single team....Excellent, Open, Novice - she's often the first person to congratulate someone on a clean run or a Q, but also one of those people who know exactly what to say to encourage other competitors when their runs don't go as planned. She's competitive and polished - but she's an amazing sportswoman as well - working several classes a day at trials, helping where-ever is needed and also taking the time to help film other people's runs. Yes, Ann rocks!

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