Tuesday, March 22, 2011

STDC - March 19-20, 2011

Whew! What a LONG weekend! It's already Tuesday and I think we're just barely starting to recover. On the plus side, both boys went for their annual exams today and those went well - got to love goldens who just stand there blinking their eyes during blood draws! With any luck they'll get to keep the rest of their blood for another 4 months until it's time for their summer tick panels.

A fun weekend with fun agility friends - I love my agility peeps! Not much in the way of Q's this weekend - Wrong courses and a refusal in our standard runs. A wrong course in one of our jumpers runs - but one nice clean JWW run on Saturday afternoon.

I saw a bit of that over-achiever mentality from Teller once he'd made a mistake. He just does weird stuff in that mode. I haven't seen it much lately because we just haven't made many mistakes. He tries so hard to be right...

Anyhow, what started at 4am on Saturday morning with the drive to NY ended on Sunday evening coming home to help track a lost beagle through the woods of Essex Junction. We covered some pretty treacherous terrain (including some hip deep snow) - that was ONE HELL of a track. Teller was able to stay on top of the snow while I fell through. He's tracking - pulling hard - clearly on scent and I'm just trying to stay on my feet. Unfortunately, we didn't find the lost dog (and she's still missing) - Teller tracked her to an embankment that I just didn't feel comfortable going down (and then trying to get back up). In the woods the snow is still really deep and at the bottom of the ravine was a really fast moving stream - probably a trickling stream in the summer time - but at present it wasn't something I wanted to mess with.

Our runs from the weekend (comic relief to be provided separately):

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