Sunday, March 06, 2011

Southern Adirondack Agility Club - March 5-6th, 2011

Teller and I made our way down to High Goal Farm this weekend for the March edition of Southern Adirondack Agility Club's AKC Agility trials. We got up at oh-dark-thirty Saturday morning to drive in the rain (and sleet) to get to New York - en route I discovered two important things:

1) Chivalry is not entirely dead...I had to pull over in Vergennes to fill my washer fluid reservoir. It's 6am, there's not a lot of traffic - it's a super-small town. In the time it took me to partially pull into a closed gas station, get out of the van, get the gallon of fluid out of the back of the van, pop the hood (find the silly hood catch-lever) and fill the reservoir I had not one, not two but THREE guys stop to ask if I needed any assistance. All set - just filling the washer fluid. NOTE TO SELF - add this to the pre-departure check-list - and buy a new gallon of washer fluid to restock the one that I used....

2) Vermont's back-roads are a special kind of hell this time of year. The frostheaves on rt 22a (and rt 22) were bone-jarring - coupled with the enormous pot holes and dips, 40mph wind the ride was pretty miserable. Sure the interstate can be badly maintained - but at least one isn't likely to find oneself flung around the road for miles on end. Sheeesh.

As for our runs - loved the courses this week by Darryl Warren - hadn't shown under him before - will show under him again - super nice to exhibitors, nicely nested courses for fast change-overs, courses with challenges - seemed to run well for small dogs and big dogs.

Saturday Standard - Tunnel/Aframe discrimination - Woo got it, front cross to the teeter and Teller accelerates to the teeter - DAMN, wasn't really expecting that. Wrong course jump after the teeter - on an otherwise nice run. Time was really good despite the wrong course - lots of good stuff.

Saturday JWW - Silly bar came down - and came down late. Not sure why, thought I might have been in his way and a hard rub bounced the bar in the jump cup? I dunno. It was OK - time was really good for the run and if we're going to NQ we might as well get it over with on the same day :-)

Sunday JWW - Super nice, fast course. I thought the yardage was a little tight on what felt like a long course - 140 yards seems short for an excellent JWW course. Regardless - Teller had a gorgeous run for another JWW Q

Sunday Standard - Another nice course - and another Standard Q - Super YAY. That's MX leg #7 and Double Q #5. In the event that anyone else was keeping track we're now sitting at 270 points....

Here's the video from the weekend:

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