Saturday, March 12, 2011

Practice at the NOMAD barn

I'm loving the barn practices this year. We're getting a lot accomplished in a very short amount of time - I'm getting exactly what I want to work on - and having some fun on super-fun courses to boot. That's a Win - a Win and a Win! Here's what got setup at practice this morning.

Teller was clean (and nice 2o2o contacts) the first run through so I decided to experiment the second time around - pushing distance on the dogwalk (worked), pushing way way out to #10 (worked), layering the tire at #11-12-13 (worked) and pushing ahead of him in the weaves to get a front cross before #18 and running down the other side of that line (he popped pole 10 the first time, nailed it the second time). All in all really good stuff!

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