Friday, March 11, 2011

Is it wrong to covet thy neighbor's grass?

I'm getting desperate. Getting to trial all winter this year, getting out to the barn to train with the NOMAD group and my ever-present optimism really helped get me through winter. Sure there was cold, snow, tricky drives to and from trials, etc - but I held it together. Grinned, sucked it up, etc....but now that the shock of Monday's storm has worn off -  replaced by the blechs of springtime in Vermont. While my facebook friends post pictures of their dogs lounging in semi-green grassy backyards, my dogs are still breaking trails in 30" of snow. While 40 degrees today was good enough to thaw some "Tefco Performance Dog"** outside today, the accompanying rain, GIANT puddles and ever-persistent snowbanks are now just discouraging.

Last year on the 15th of March I had the boys out at the school training - and I had my broad jump out in the front yard for obedience work. At this rate between the snow and mud I'll be lucky to have the jumps and contacts out by April - let alone have good enough footing to cart jumps and weaves to the school for training...

The boys love their performance dog - I however - well lets just say that I left the TPD in a bowl on top of my trash-can outside my garage when I left for work this morning. When I got out of my car this afternoon all I could smell was the TPD - outside in my driveway, 20' away from the bowl and wowsa, there it is! It's an outdoor meal (in this case a 'garage meal' as there's too much snow to feed them outside) and I refuse to even thaw it in my house. Which makes the goldens that much happier to see some signs of spring - to them I'm sure a chunk of partially thawed tripe is even better than a silly crocus.

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