Friday, March 25, 2011

How would you handle it?

Ran into asticky-wicket on a JWW course (designed by Denise VanHousen) last weekend - tough entry into that serpentine in the middle. It was hard for me to figure out where I wanted to be - mostly because I felt like there was a big section there in the middle where I'd be struggling to stay out of his way. Here's the part I'm talking about - the dog's path is in purple.
How would you handle it? Keep in mind that dogs would have been on the handler's right side to start with (based on how the course lead up to this spot). Handlers who rear-crossed (what is here as) the 4th jump often sent their dogs over the wrong-course middle jump in the serpentine - Cuing that turn too early.

Lots of bars came down as well - particularly what is labeled #7 below. I ended up getting a little closer to #6 than I had intended and was very lucky that Teller read the wrap from 6-7. And WOW was he happy to clear #8 and open up some extension after that.

Here's what I ended up doing - My path in green:

And here's that run on video:

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