Saturday, March 26, 2011

From the barn today

Hit the NOMAD barn to work Teller this morning - I'm so loving the barn practices! Teller was super sticky today - as in working closely - I'm not sure if I was maybe handling badly or if we were just off our games today - but we both made some weird mistakes that I wouldn't have predicted from him (and myself).

Here's what was setup from the earlier league when we arrived:

I started with a lead-out pivot to #3, wrapped 3-4 and rear-crossed the weave entry. This didn't work as well as I thought it would, the first time he went in at pole 4, the second time he got the entry and popped pole 10 anticipating the a-frame....I ended up liking the LOP with a front after #4 which put him right into the weaves...I'm not sure if I saw this setup in trial I'd be brave enough to handle the weave entry with a rear-cross anyhow - especially if we were working on a QQ.

I played with the 7-8-9-10 line a little. Knowing that I wanted to be on the table side of the teeter - and knowing that I did not want to rear-cross the teeter - I tried sending to #7 tunnel, calling over #8 and running the outside line to the teeter - which worked beautifully - but he DID look at the backside of #13. On the second way through I put a front between 7-8 and another between 9-10. BIG risk of getting in his way between 9-10 though.

From the table I led out to between, did a front cross (pivot really) before 13 which took the wrong course tunnel out of play - pulled him towards the a-frame and then pushed into the #14 side of the tunnel.

On the first run-through I actually pulled him off #18 (into me) when I tried to micro-manage that line. Don't micro-manage your dog Erica!

So some bobbles - unexpectedly so - silly mistakes, Great contacts, some super contact reps with high value reinforcement for "yellow"s. Normally I take both boys to the school for a romp and retrieve after barn practices - but todays weather (30 degrees and windy as all hell) just wasn't conducive to an outing - for me anyway, I'm still a little chilled from practice. The yellows seem to be happy with that decision - we're all just SO ready for spring weather. Ironic how 30 degrees back in December was just fine - hell 20 degrees in January was fine too - but 30 degrees at the end of March is just cruel - the snow flurries were a nice touch though.

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