Thursday, March 17, 2011

Could it be spring?

I had an awful night with the pager last night on-call - just three hours of sleep. Made for a short day for me today in the office - and now that I'm no longer teaching (at Waggles) on Thursday nights I found myself with a whole lot of free time this afternoon - that NEVER happens to me!

So off to the school in search of some good footing to work the dogs on - and we found it - a sweet little elementary school soccer field size patch of earth. Not snow covered earth, not ice - real grass, real dirt - and also real puddles and real mud. To be honest this field has been plowed - huge snow-banks around the outside of the soccer field - but....TURF! Now, if this were my agility field (and not a public school playground) I wouldn't have let the dogs tear it up with footprints and broken grass - but alas, one more thing I don't need to worry about now.

Woo's off and running!

Happy Murph?

Woo aims for the muckiest part of the puddle.

All smiles for these yellow dogs!

ehhh, Woo? You've got a little something on your face (and your bib and your lip, and your tail...)


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Marge Yaspan said...

I really enjoy watching the Goldens play. Great website and blog.
I wrote to you about possibly adopting from Kathy, Tucker/Carlie) but also asked if you knew of a Golden (stable/healthy) who might need a loving home.