Monday, March 07, 2011

30" of new powder....

As if the ride home from NY yesterday wasn't bad enough:
Route 22a - Just north of Fairhaven, VT

The storm that we came home to changed from 1-3 inches (yeah right) to 12-18 (yuck) to 18-24 (sugar-plum-fairy) to 20-30" (no comment). When things finished here today we had 30" of snow and some drifts up to 4' high.

Even at breakfast time there was WAY too much snow for Teller's liking.

By 4pm there was a drift up to the door. In line with that
old "how many dogs does it take to change a light bulb"
 joke, Teller really wishes he was a cocker spaniel and could just go pee on the floor.

4:00 or so - still no sign of the village plow truck. 24" of snow in the road.
We ain't going anywhere today folks.

Snow on my deck.

Point of reference - my pool is 50" tall and mostly hidden
by snow - keep in mind we had 2 days of 45 degrees and rain - so
a lot of snow actually melted over the weekend.

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