Sunday, February 06, 2011

More Snow....

February 6th, 2011 
It feels as though we've been getting measurable snow every single day for the last few weeks....the piles in my driveway are so high that, well, I'm not sure that the snow blower can get the snow up much higher...I might have to give up one of the lanes in my driveway just to have someplace to put more snow. The smiling weathermen are forecasting more snow tomorrow, more snow on Tuesday, more snow on Thursday and a potential BIG storm next weekend. JOY!

Our backyard is a mess - our deck is well - pretty impossible to navigate. Lots of snow, mountains, mounds, drifts - plus the snow off the roof (and I need to get out there and do the roof again tomorrow. The boys are good sports but between the storm on Wednesday, the snow on Friday and the snow last night through this morning we've essentially lost the use of our yard there's so much snow. I'm going to have to hire a Newfoundland (or a Leonberger) to come out and break trails out there pretty soon.

But that's enough whining! We're so fortunate to have the school nearby - and enough of a plowed are to get the dogs out to run a bit  - otherwise we'd go completely stir crazy! It was actually 30 degrees here today - almost tropical!

Today was a bit of contacts for Teller out at waggles - but a light work for him after such a great barn session yesterday, then a van nap for both boys while I taught sequencing this afternoon - then to the school for an off-leash maniac run.

February 6th, 2011 - 23.5" Teller stands next to the snowbank

Some pictures of the outing:

February 6th, 2011: Good stay boys!

February 6th, 2011: COME! I love the expression on Teller's face!
He looks vicious!

February 6th, 2011: Thanks for the help boys, but you're a little too close.

February 6th, 2011: Tandom Retrieve

February 6th, 2011: Turbo Woo

February 6th, 2011: Murph 

February 6th, 2011: Posing

February 6th, 2011: This one cracks me up. Here's Teller in a sit-stay...

February 6th, 2011: Now here's Murphy sitting....that is AFTER
he crept all the way forward from where I left  him next to Teller.
Note the smug look on Teller's face: I STAYED.

February 6th, 2011: OK Woo - Come!

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