Sunday, February 20, 2011

EESSC AKC Agility Trial - Teller's 'perfect' weekend

The boys and I spent the weekend in Amherst, NH at the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club's winter agility trial - it was a phenomenal weekend for Team Teller - Two double Q's. Our first (of hopefully many) 'perfect' weekends!

Weekend results: Two double Q's - Three Placements
I was oncall last week and while Friday temperatures were in the upper 40's, temperatures were forecasted to plummet overnight - which meant lots of melting snow and frozen puddles at 4am. So I decided to head down to NH on Friday night - sometimes that's just easier than getting up at 4am and driving for three hours anyhow. As it was, the 30mph winds made for a long "two-hands on the wheel" drive the whole way. My van is so much lighter than my Saturn Outlook was - and I feel the wind so much more that other vehicles I've owned over the years.

So we arrive Friday night, I check into the motel - one I've stayed at MANY MANY MANY times (lets' just say that the very nice woman at the front desk knows my license plate {on the van I got in August} from memory) - and I do the bed bug sweep - I always check, then Teller checks - I find not bed bugs but ants in the bathroom. Back down to the office and we're put into a different room. All's well until Saturday night when the folks in the non-smoking room next door decide to chain smoke  - filling MY room with second hand smoke. So a THIRD motel room for the Magica Gang - but having a night comp'ed significantly improved my impression of the whole affair.

Now for the trial details - Teller nailing - and I do mean NAILING - his contacts this weekend. A little slow getting into the 2-on/2-off position (2o2o) and I held him there a little longer than I might ultimately hold them - but a real win - and the first time since I started retraining (September) for 2o2o he's held his contacts in a trial situation.

Teller was responsive and really quite happy to be back trialing after so much time off - weekends like this will be hard to come-by - but I'll cherish every one I can get :-)

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