Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Workshop with Julie Daniels

Part three of the weekend wrap-up is actually the Friday piece of the adventure. I enrolled in Julie Daniel's handling workshop Friday afternoon at AK9C. My goal was to get down there and work Teller some - but also get some input on how we're working as a team. I've taken a couple of weekend seminars with Julie in the past and I love that she doesn't force people into a form-factor - if what you're doing works for your dog than that's the best plan for your dog....But if it's not working for your dog or there's a better way to handle an exercise or sequence she's fair to both dog and handler.

In a nutshell, Julie's comments to me was that I run Teller very conservatively - If I ran more aggressively and drove the line - that we'd shave off time. I guess I knew that ran cautiously and somewhat methodically - but I'm not sure I realized how much more I could get from him by "putting on the big girl panties" and taking some risk. I tried to push this weekend - particularly in my Sunday JWW run (which ultimately caused a wrong course and a QQ) - but - that's really not the point is it?

Be brave - take risks. No guts, no glory :-)

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