Saturday, January 29, 2011

Training at the barn - January 29th, 2011

I had originally planned to drive to NH for run-throughs yesterday - but after a week on-call and general logistics failures I ended up taking the boys out to the school for a romp and retrieve session rather than spending 4 hours in the van (and over the mountains in the dark) for run-throughs. It helped that unlike last weekend (minus twenty-something). I knew weather was going to be reasonably nice today for travel and warm enough to go work in the unheated indoor arena. And it was a lovely day with temperatures a very nearly tropical thirty-five degrees (yeah, I know - but this IS January in Vermont after all). Turnout was four border collies and Woo the golden - certainly one of those "which one of these things isn't like the others" moment - We had four dogs working at a time in various groupings - the VIBE in the arena was so high - it was really a blast to have that many dogs working and so focused at their tasks.

Teller had one of those sessions where I worked everything I wanted to work (I'm always telling folks to go into every session with a plan - I do the same), I just LOVED the way he worked today - he worked absolutely everything beautifully. Contacts, weaves, handling - all the right buttons were there today. 

Here's what we worked today
This one was super fun - Teller was amazing from #3 to #4 - the tough
part was definitely #7-8. Teller REALLY wanted the #2 tunnel!

YAY for contact reps!!! Once I'd gotten a few jump-aframe and jump-teeter reps, I threw in theses sequences on the fly.

Not so much a sequence - but a set of dog-walk reps. Note that Woo was NOT permitted to take the obstacle directly following the dogwalk? Nemesis, Nemesis, Nemesis....

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