Monday, January 17, 2011

Southern Adirondack Agility Club - January 15-17, 2011

The boys and I spent the weekend at High Goal Farm in Greenwich, NY for the January edition of Southern Adirondack Agility Club's agility trial. I initially wasn't going to enter this trial - mostly because I'd already planned for two January weekends (Beardie and ACNH) - SAAC was our third weekend in a row, but also because well, what are the odds of three weekends in January when there are no storms and no abysmally cold days and nights? Neither of which fall into my definition of a good agility weekend by the way. Despite this, I looked at the premium, saw who the judge was (Lavonda Herring) and sent in an entry hoping for good weather and fair winds.

Teller had an amazing weekend - I really couldn't be more thrilled with him (well, I guess I could if I could rewind and undo my bonehead move in Sunday JWW - thus obliterating a QQ at jump #19). Teller hit every contact all weekend - he gave me three super-confident teeters too - all that work in December really paid off.
Friday was a QQ for us with a 15 point standard run and a 13 point JWW run. Sunday was another 15 point standard run (and then my bonehead JWW run) and today's JWW run netted another 12 points. Our Standard run today was fantastic until the skid off the table and went a bit downhill from there.

I'm so proud of the Woo! Now we've got to keep ourselves entertained for a few weeks "off", starting with a chiropractic appointment for both boys, a few romps in the snow and maybe some road-trips to do some rentals and run-throughs..

On a humorous note, I don't recall ever running the air conditioning in January before this weekend. Five degrees on Sunday night, my hotel room was 80 degrees - I ran the AC all night.


Kristine said...

AC? Please tell me you are joking. Can we trade places?

Love the video! Have a great few weeks "off"!

. said...

Nope, not was 4 degrees Sunday night, the motel room was stifling - AC made it comfortable..