Saturday, January 08, 2011

Something to think about....

A short post tonight - I'm beat - probably less sleep and more "go" than I've had in a long time - more about that to follow...but I didn't want to let too much time pass without sharing a quote from today. The speaker is Jane Savoie, the author of "That Winning Feeling" and "It's not all about the ribbons" - both available from Amazon:

The source of the quote is Jane's facebook status:
             It is what it is, but it will become what you make it.

But isn't that so true? We have within our course of being absolutes that we cannot impact. The boulders in the road, the impossible FAST sends, cars overheating in the middle of January - things we cannot change. It is what it is - they are what they are. So many times I've left a walkthrough thinking - well - it is what it is. That's not a tunnel entry that we're especially good at - by all that is holy do we need another straight off-course option at the bottom of the dogwalk???

What we do have is the power to control our reaction to and our orbit around what is...I have the power to make that dogwalk call off - or proof that tunnel entry. It becomes what we make of it...

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