Monday, January 03, 2011


Before: Poor goldens have
an empty pantry...
whatever shall we do?
If you are a golden retriever (and if you're reading this - you probably aren't), there's nothing quite so worrisome as an empty freezer and an empty pantry. When we arrived home from the trial last night we had exactly one meal worth of Oma's Chicken and Veggie mix and one two pound tube of VT Raw's ground chicken.

Oh, of course there were some bottles of vodka and a couple of mallards for field training...

And After: there is a great sigh
of relief in the the
natives have been restocked.
Let there be much rejoicing and merriment.

Fast-forward 24 hours and we've been restocked! The awesome folks at Oma's Pride arrived in our driveway with our bulk shipment and now we've got plenty of dog food again!! Oh happy day (and happy golden retrievers) - who will be feasting on turkey and veggies, chicken and veggies, beef and veggies and "performance dog" (tripe and trachea) for the next 6 weeks or so! YUMMMMM!

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