Saturday, January 15, 2011

Product Review: Lysol Hand Soap System

OK, so not exactly dog related - but I'll get there in a second (cause it ALWAYS comes back to the dogs doesn't it)...I'm a confirmed Costco shopper - if Costco doesn't have it - I don't need it. I'm not into massive boxes of cheerios or 50# sacks of flour, but for the non-perishable things like kitty litter, paper towels, laundry and dishwasher detergent, the dogs' string cheese, Cabot three year old cheddar (you get the picture) - there's really no better place to get that stuff. I also pay attention to Costco's coupon books - mostly because unlike other coupon books and flyers - I'm more likely already using and buying the products that are onsale in the Costco coupon offers. So on my last trip to Costco I stocked up in Kraft Polly-O, my (three-year) Cabot cheddar, rawhide chews, lysol wipes, vitamins for the dogs, shampoo and detergents - I decided to take a leap of faith on the coupon book and buy the Costco pack of the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System.

It's a soap dispenser with a motion system. The same technology found in every modern public restroom, scaled down (in price and size) for home use. I've seen them in the grocery store and have left them there - sure my soap pumps are germy, but that's why I'm using soap right? What's the big deal if I add germs just prior to washing them off?

Nevertheless, home I came with two dispensers and four refill packs (aka the Costco bundle). I've had the whole thing for a couple of days and ya know? I like it. I actually like it. I have one of the units in my kitchen and I appreciate having the soap right there as I'm chopping up hunks of raw dog food...For once it's not about the germs, it's the convenience factor - which I always appreciate...The sensor works when I want it too and isn't firing on brush-bys or other random movement...

Soap is soap, but I still appreciate things that make my life easier - even a little.

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