Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playing my agility videos on my iPhone....

OK, this one is almost completely not dog related (except for the content of the videos I'm trying to play on my phone).

The solution ended up being so bloody simple that I felt compelled to break with the usual content of this blog hoping to help just one person save an afternoon of frustration. The question: "how can I play my videos on my iphone?" was just such a pain to get to the bottom of.... First, I own the content, I've produced an AVI (or mpeg, mov, etc), I've probably even already uploaded it to YouTube. Second I own the device and the diskspace on said device...Common-sense dictates that I ought to be able to put my own content on my own media device, but for the life of me I couldn't get that content into a format that I could store on my iphone via iTunes. BTW - thanks Apple for deciding not to play nicely with anyone else's file formats. I kind of understand the whole Adobe flash thing - but really? Apple devices can't play avi's?

The answer I kept getting (from various sources) was that it would be easiest to view the YouTube  content ON YouTube. So not helpful. More often than not I find myself someplace with really crappy AT&T signal (ever try to YouTube on E??) or low-quality wi-fi (usually some assorted flavor of Fairpoint DSL) and I want to show someone a video and I can't - or it takes FOREVER to download or it bumps and skips - neither is useful.

During this search I was also directed at all sorts of sites with applications that looked only partially legitimate or AppStore apps that were somewhat costly (but with very low reviews) or free apps but didn't work as advertised if they worked at all.

The solution is actually more simple - but I had to separate out the iphone part of the equation to get the right answer. I ended up at CNet downloading "YouTube Downloader". It's Free (yay), but it also worked right after the install. Copy and paste your youtube link, select the output folder and download the video (video is downloaded to mp4 format). After that use iTunes to sync the new movie content and play through the iPod app on your iPhone...Interestingly enough that APPLE mp4 file format plays in Windows Media Player AND on Windows phones so truly the formats are not mutually exclusive...

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