Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Murphy's Honest Kitchen Prize Pack

The folks at The Honest Kitchen had a contest on their facebook fan page two weeks ago asking what our dogs' resolutions were for the new year...As you may remember, my dogs had a few resolutions - Murphy's resolution (which he has already broken) was a BIG hit with the THK fans and Murphy was the prize-pack winner!

Prize Pack!
His loot arrived today - with products that we haven't had the chance to try yet (we love trying new stuff)! I'm particularly interested in trying the Zeal as I've got enough THK points saved up for a couple of 10# boxes of dog food - I was thinking about trying a box of Zeal.

Murphy's prize pack consisted of:
1 - travel size pouch of Keen
2 - sample packs of Zeal 
1 - box of Smooches
1 - box of Pecks
1- bag of Wishes

The boys were ga-ga over the package of wishes - Murphy in particular was head over heels silly for them before I even opened the pouch -  I'm finding myself repeating over and over again: "No cookie is worth a concussion Murphy". Even picky Q enjoyed a piece of wishes. Definitely something we'll look at for future for shelf-stable training treats that can be left in the car and used as needed. Yummm....fishy!

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