Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goals for 2011

Another year come and gone - Happy New Year! WOW how fast time flies! Seems like only yesterday...blagh, blagh - everyone says that right? OK, so one of the things I've used this blog for is to keep myself honest in my training - but also putting goals out there into the universe...I think voicing goals and objectives are important. If you can't articulate where you want to go, how on earth are you going to get there? Put yourself out there...formulate goals and paths - then make them happen!

  • Murphy will remain happily retired. He's really into working lately - which is slightly tempting (you should have seen him weave Thursday night) - but I know that he doesn't like the pressure of competition and I don't really need to have him out there. Free cookies and working the crowds for Murphy in 2011. Murph would also like to get out and increase his therapy dog work.

  • I'd love to finish Teller's MX - with some double Q's along the way.

  • Teller needs one more CDX leg - it'd be really nice to button that up in 2011...

  • I'm hoping to qualify for the 2012 AKC National Championships - we're not sure yet where they'll be - but it'd be great to qualify to make the trip, even if we don't go.

  • I'm hoping to get Teller back out in the field to work towards his WC. It's hard, I'll need to find some help and training partners up here in Vermont - Easier said than done.

  • HOTLANTA!! The GRCA National Championship is on the east coast this year after two years out west. I'd really like to make the trip - and I'd LOVE to get Teller out for his WC, maybe toss him into the Amateur Owner Class, definitely enter him in agility and obedience too! BUSY!!!

  • Last year I mentioned that I wanted to get both boys out tracking - I still want to do that - hopefully in 2011!

  • Most of all - I'm going to push through another winter of canine conditioning - both dogs came out of last winter fitter than I think they've ever come through a winter. I need to do the same thing this winter. Getting out as much as we can (at the school, on the trial, in the neighborhood). It's cold, it's dark - but we can do it!

  • On a somewhat random note - my blogging goal for 2011 was 300 posts - 300 original posts - classes, sequences, competition notes, training, goals and life with dogs. I published 308 posts in 2010. For 2011, I'm hoping for another 300 original pieces of content :-) 
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