Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Four Jumps - Backyard sequences Part Eighteen

As I am fully aware that most people don't live in the arctic tundra (it was minus twenty six here yesterday morning) with about 18" of snow on the ground. Too deep for significant romps in the snow and woods let alone room for any sequencing at the park or school-yard. Spring was in the air today with a balmy high of 22 - tomorrow should get into the low 30's....finally warm enough to thaw some tripe in the garage! I'm sure you all are as thrilled about tripe as I am!
Nevertheless, how's about another four-jump series? Four sequences tonight...Enjoy!

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Kristine said...

That last one looks so hard! Which means I should definitely try it, I guess. :-P Thanks! I am glad you're experiencing a bit of a thaw. It's supposed to get colder here, not warmer. Booo.