Saturday, January 22, 2011

COLD...and it's only going to get worse...

It was minus one this morning when I let the dogs out...About 18 inches of snow in the ground - 5" or so new in the last 24 hours or so....Teller bounded out, did his business and bounded back expecting breakfast to be waiting for him. Now I'm waiting by the door watching Murphy about 50' away from the door standing in one place lifting one foot and then the other. My feet are cold...can't function. Dear god Murphy - you're 50' from breakfast - SURELY you can make it back to the door even if your feet are cold. I open the door and call - two more steps and sore footie and we're stalled again. Crap! OK, time to break out a bribe - I grab the cookie jar, hang it out the door and shake it. COOKIE Murph! C'mon you can do it!

Two more steps and he's three legged again. I call again and I get this look that says:
"CAN'T. WALK. ANY. FURTHER. JUST. CAN'T. GO. ON. SAVE. YOUR. SELF. REMEMBER. ME. FONDLY. {{GASP}} {{CHOKE}} {{TWITCH}}". This as he lays down in the snow. Awww Murphy! Really? You're going to miss breakfast over cold feet?

So I send Teller out to help while I put on my boots to go out and save Murphy, just as I'm headed out the door Murphy returns to the deck - goaded along by Teller. My little golden Saint Bernard...

Subsequent trips outside were made successful by a winter turn-out rug and a full set of purple rubber booties for Murphy (PAWZ).

Temperatures eventually improved considerably as the sun came out and we finished with a high of 19 degrees - downright tropical! I purchased a new package of PAWZ  in the event that we need to replace today's set,  hopefully we can prevent a sequel tomorrow - and {gasp} Sunday night predicted to be minus twenty-two!

I can't tell you how happy I am that we're not trialing this weekend. I entered trials three weekends in January - hoping that weather would permit me to do two weekends - if I was very lucky - this is New England after all! I got really lucky and had three fantastic weather weekends to play agility (it was 50 degrees for New Years in New Hampshire!).

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