Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bearded Collie Club Trial - January 1-2, 2011

The boys and I made our way to AK9C for the Bearded Collie Club of America's 2011 agility trial, after more than a month off I was curious to see what I'd have in trial. I'd forgotten how much Teller really loves to trial. He's so into the game, working the crowd and being a Woo - he makes me smile every moment he's out there - I can't ever forget or take that for granted.

The good news - Woo hit every single contact this weekend - including his teeters. He rocked them all weekend. He hit every single weave entry - his weaves on Saturday were a bit faster - he spent more time today "thinking" about the weaves - it's who he is. This morning (Sunday) Teller put down a 49 second standard course at a solid 4+ YPS for a standard course. YAY Woo! Just awesome.

We had some mis communications - a couple of refusals and wrong courses - but all four runs were phenomenally fun and I'm so pleased with how he worked this weekend. GOOD WOO! Can't wait to see what else 2011 brings for Team T-Woo!

Edit (01/03/11): One of the huge variables with winter trialing is the weather - it's just impossible to predict what the weather will be 8-12 weeks in the future. This past weekend was AMAZING - 55 degrees, I walked the dogs in crocs and shortsleeves - we bounced through mud puddles, my van is filthy inside and out and there's so much grit in the dog's bathmats (inside their crates) that I took the hose to them outside before I brought them inside to wash. Last year for this trial weekend we made it home to find nearly 3' of new snow in our driveway. Always an adventure for sure!

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