Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to work..

After such a fantastic weekend at High Goal Farm last weekend and no trials scheduled for a few weeks anyway, I thought it was important to give Teller a week off. Technically it ended up being five days off, but the boredom factor around here was pretty high - even Murphy was indicating that he'd really like something to do (pretty please). My plan was to work Teller (and by proxy Murphy because he "helps") on some contact reps and weaves. The contacts are just reinforcing the "yellow" behavior, in the weaves I'd like to get more history of getting ahead of Teller, letting him find his weave entry with me ahead and then racing him to the end.

I was pleased to find everything setup when I arrived at Waggles (yay) and the building super toasty with left-over heat from class and run-throughs this morning (super-yay).

After some contact reps on the dogwalk and teeter I worked the blue sequence - starting with T on my right and rear-crossing numbers 3, 4 and 5 - not the cleanest line but it served my purpose to work weave and contact independence.

I used this sequence to 'serp' the line from 3-4-5. With a stopped contact at #9, I pushed out to #10 and took off meeting Teller at the end of the weaves with his cookie.

Short, simple and successful we were done in 15 minutes and three sticks of cheese. Murph worked tunnels, weaves (but apparently only 10) and mostly chilled on an 8" table watching us work (and waiting somewhat patiently for his wait reinforcement).

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