Monday, January 10, 2011

ACNH - January 8-9, 2010

As a matter of reference - I do not ever recall leaving a trial on one day and arriving home on the next...just sayin' :-) It was a weekend of early mornings (4:45am), late nights, late runs (totally worth it though) and a good dose of swirling winds, driving snow, snow drifts, black ice and Van-Essa (my van) and I leading a caravan of cars (initially just four - and then steadily picking up new ones) all the way from Sharon to when the roads finally cleared just north of Richmond...

I'm beat, it's nearly 3am here now - I'm really running on vapors and "5-Hour Energy" and approaching 24 hours of waking hours, so I'll be brief and let the video footage speak for itself. We were down in Amherst, NH at the January edition of the Agility Club of New Hampshire's trial schedule. We finished with a Excellent Standard Q and two FAST Q's - Mr. JWW did his best all weekend - I cost us a bar on Saturday and today with a wrong course. Good runs, happy Woo - and perhaps more important brags that will follow shortly (I'll leave you in suspense for this one - but it's WAY cool.)

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