Friday, December 24, 2010

What's better than a day off?

How about a little bit of agility and the most marvelous blue skies that make the new snow glisten under brillant sun...we haven't had much sun lately and even less opportunity to get out and enjoy it. Teeter reps for Teller-Woo and then out to romp!
December 24th: The one and only action shot of Murphy today - one good romp followed by 
15 minutes of gimping around with snowballs in his feet. Next romp he's getting his own set of 
"Pawndoms" :-)

December 24th: Teller off for the ball.

December 24th: Purple Pawz Pawndom serving it's purpose.
Dry feet and protected nailbed.

December 24th: Murph watches Teller running around being foolish.

December 24th: Murph's Muppet face.

December 24th: Teller doesn't mind the snow and cold, he would,
however, like another chuck-it throw.

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