Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Update on "Blood Bath"

Woo coming out of sedation... This face breaks my heart.
Teller saw the vet today for his toenail - or rather lack thereof. I had expected that we'd have to sedate him for the procedure so I fasted him this morning - While we were at the vet last night I had scheduled Murph for his thyroid re-check (Murphy has been hypothroid since 2005) - this was quasi convenient because that meant that they both fasted this morning and they were both equally unhappy with me.

Poor Woo was beside himself during the exam - screaming, whining - he already doesn't like his feet touched and now - well to be in so much pain and react with screaming and whining is really a testament to his temperament. So the verdict - no nail left, significant exposed kwik.

Twyla cut back the kwik and cauterized it with styptic powder. There was blood - but not quite as much as I expected - which was a good thing I suppose. Teller came home with pain meds, antibiotics and a bandage - for trips outside Teller is rocking a recycled IV bag over his bandage. Hoping to keep the bandage on for three days, then see what things look like. In general he SHOULD be back to himself in 5-7 days. We'll have to wait and see how the nail comes back - and hope for the best that it comes in straight and clean.

Woo sleeping off sedation.
I hate seeing any dog in pain - Teller seems especially pathetic hobbling around on three legs because of the bandage (he was 100% sound on the exposed kwik when he was barefoot) that comes up over his wrist - just another 48 hours T-Woo and you can have your foot back, I promise.

As for training, well that means we kinda have the next week off. I had planned a couple of road-trips to do facility rentals for the end of the week and I was going to head down to the NOMAD barn to train on Saturday - but we'll have to skip this week at least...I need to think of some ideas to keep him mentally occupied - a bored Teller-Woo is not a good Teller-Woo...Where is a Nina Ottosson puzzle when I need one?

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