Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tails of the toe.

I've gotten a few emails today asking about Teller's toe...He (and I) really appreciate all the positive thoughts for a little toe. I know in the grand scheme of things it's such a small thing - but like anything affecting our dogs (and our kids) it's awful to see them hurting. I'm not always patient - I'm an engineer, I'm used to if-then-else. Make change, test, make change, fix, test... My internal code does not support too many {PAUSE} tags. Perhaps there's a service pack available?


Anyhow, Teller's bandage lasted two days and 22 hours.Oh! So close to the target "three days". In the end it was not Teller's fault (directly anyway) that the bandage had to come off. I spilled a water bowl, he stepped in it - and suddenly we had a wet bandage situation (which is BAD). Seventy hours of Teller leaving it alone, patiently waiting for me to bag and sock him before he went outside - every time. Patiently waiting for me to unbag him so he could have his breakfast - and we were out-done by a water bowl.

As soon as the bandage came off nurse Murphy was ALL over trying to make it better. I had this situation where Teller knew I didn't want Murphy licking his foot, Murphy doesn't care what anyone thinks, Teller moving away from Murphy, Murphy stalking the bloody foot... Fortunately nothing a quick foot wash didn't fix.

Teller's foot tonight. Five days post injury.
The toe looks really good actually - once I got it washed up a little. It's clean, it's dry and it doesn't seem to bother him at all. He had yesterday off again - just to be sure. I bought him some PAWZ - essentially disposable doggie foot condoms {GIGGLE} - thinking we'd be able to take a walk and that I'd need to keep the foot dry in the rain from the Nor'Easter this weekend... I ended up with an ice dam on the roof which meant no walkies for any of us while I melted it...

I used PAWZ a few years ago for walks one SUPER cold weekend at a conformation trial - out in a well-salted parking lot in -20 degree weather. Pawz saved their feet and made walks possible.

The bright part of both of our weekends was when he got to work a bit this morning. Not a lot since we were inside - but some a-frame reps, some teeter reps and some weaves. Good, great, awesome. We're both relieved! Now to get back on the road for teeter-tours!


Lindsay said...

So the Pawz have worked for you? I tested them out inside with my dogs and they sprang holes within five minutes. And I dremel my dogs' toe nails so the ends are quite short and blunted.

. said...

I also dremel - I didn't try the ones in this latest pack - but the ones I bought two years ago lasted for several uses and really saved their feet in a below zero slushie salty parking lot. They did tear eventually, but lasted long enough to serve my purpose.

I did find that like balloons the latex degrades over time - my left-overs were thrown away unused about a year ago because they were falling apart - dried out maybe?. They had been stored in my car in a rubbermaid tote. So storage does seem to be important.