Wednesday, December 01, 2010

PogoPlush dog toy....

PogoPlush by Premier
Tis the season for shopping - shopping can be especially dangerous at the cluster dog show - VERY dangerous indeed - especially with sale items! Lots of vendors that I only see once a year my time to stock up on grooming products that are costly to ship and see what I ought to add to my wish-list for next year!!! This year I re-stocked my gallons of BioGroom Protein Lanolin shampoo, BioGroom Silk Creme Rinse, Chris Christensen's  "Show-Off" (Waterless Shampoo) and a bottle of the Chris Christensen's Ice on Ice (which my dogs LIVE in most of the summer).

I ordered new crate pads for the boys - wait until you see those! But resisted toys - even the giant fleece stuffies that Teller LOVES that were on sale for $10. I was doing pretty good - until...I found the Pogo-Plush toy by Premier..Yep, the same folks that make the Easy-Walk Harnesses, gentle leaders and other assorted unique toys.

Holee Rollers by JW

Part stuffie, part holee roller, part squeakie - sort of a TurDuckEn in toy form. Fleece shell - thick and soft with a rubber orb inside, stuffed with a squeaker that flops around inside the orb. Seems to be pretty sturdy - Murphy and Teller both seem to like the mouth feel of the Pogo Plush - though neither has a hard enough mouth to make it squeak through the rubber cage - they don't usually squeak their regular plush toys either. They'll tug with their fleecies - but they won't bite down on them - unless they're shredding them into teeny-tiny pieces (I'm looking at YOU Murphy).

I DO wish that the Premier folks would add a handle to their PogoPlush so that I could use it as a tug toy - I may decide to take a scalpel to our PogoPlush to accomplish just such a purpose...I love a good training toy!!!

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Kristine said...

These toys look fantastic! I worry over how long one would last in my house as my dog definitely has a hard enough mouth, but I'm considering testing one out. That's what Christmas is for, right?

I agree, a handle would be even better. :-)