Thursday, December 23, 2010

More tales of the toe

Woo's little outpatient kwik procedure was two weeks ago yesterday. He so dutifully kept his bandage on for three days, patiently waited for me to bag and sock him every time he went outside (and un-sock and un-bag him every time he came back inside) - all well and good until I dumped a water bowl on the floor and Teller decided to play in it...Wet bandages are always a bad thing so off it came. It looked pretty good and once I got it washed off it didn't smell bad either. Teller was really good about leaving his paw alone and continued on the antibiotics. Last Tuesday (a week after the injury) I let him work a little - not much - primarily teeter reps, back-chaining the dogwalk and a-frame contacts. Wednesday and Friday we put some miles on "Van-Essa" and logged some facility rentals - all good. It was nice to having him back working a bit - and we were both relived to get Teller out of boredom mode.

Teller with a much more masculine "Safety
Orange" colored vet wrap bandage....
We had a little back-slide on the toe this week when he was at his foot a little. I'm not sure if he's at the point where the healing is itchy, if he maybe bumped his foot and it was a little sore or if the cold and wet footing outside may have aggravated the cauterized kwik.

Nevertheless, I twice found his foot damp when it ought not to have been and Teller found himself in a hot-pink vet wrap bandage. Hot pink is what we have "in stock" around here because on my last tack store run hot pink was on sale. Dogs are color-blind after all so hot pink was what we got.

Smurf and Woo wear
size large (PURPLE)
Since the re-bandage I've been relying heavily on Pawz - I initially mentioned them in the follow-up toe post - but have since become even more enamored with the product. I've been wrapping his foot at night before bed and unwrapping it again in the afternoon - in between there are a dozen times that Teller has gone in and out - in snow, slush, freezing rain and ice. When the bandage is off I've been sending him outside in just a pawz. The goal is to keep that foot clean and dry as much as humanly possible. I've even worked him a bit while he's worn the bandage covered by a pawz, seemed to give him really good traction too. Yesterday, we even got out for our usual romp at the school - with his one orange and purple foot - which was hardly even visible in 6" of new snow.

The package of Pawz came 12 to a package, I've used the same 4 for the last three days, rotating them only because I've found that they take a while to dry off after usage. I'm certainly getting my investment's worth out of this batch, still water tight and intact after so many wearings. It does take a bit to get the hang of putting them on - but a little canine patience will go far. My challenge was to get them on and off without bumping the exposed nail bed, I've got a system now.

After the initial Pawz post I received some feedback that some Pawz weren't holding up well for some dogs (and some blog readers). I think to some extent freshness counts. When I first bought paws back in 2007 I had a similarly positive experiences and they really got me through a pickle in a heavily salted parking lot when there was literally no where else to walk the dogs (snowbanks and -10 degrees), but when I re-used the remaining boots from the same package a year or so later my dogs were busting through them within a few minutes. I'll confess to not really storing them properly (they were in a tote that was stored in my car all spring, summer, fall and that winter) - I'm not entirely sure the package was properly sealed and I'm sure like all latex products (balloons, gloves) they are prone to drying and cracking if stored improperly.

**I DO have to wonder though if at any point in the go to market process if the brand name "Paw-n-doms" was ever suggested. Pawndoms - just rolls off the tongue and everyone knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

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