Sunday, December 19, 2010

More avian stalking...

I spent some time with the camera stalking the bird feeders this morning...Some new visitors. I'm not sure the birds really love the placement of the current feeders - we haven't really been a high-volume feeding station. So I put out two additional feeders - hanging from the crabapple tree. It's entirely possible though that our neighborhood birds are simply over-fed - I've counted at least 20 feeders on the street side of my neighborhood - and I'm guessing there's at least another 10 in the backyards.
December 19th: I'm told this is a Downy Woodpecker.

December 19th: This little fellow spent about an hour at the feeders...
Alternating between the crabapple tree and the suet feeder. He must like 
the new "Peanut Crunch" flavored suet. 

December 19th: This robin wasn't exactly cooperating hanging out at the 
top of the tree....but I got him anyway.  

December 19th: playing with aperture settings on this one. This is
Mr. Cardinal on an f8.

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Kristine said...

Before the tree in our yard had to be cut down, we used to have a resident downy woodpecker. I could see him almost every morning from the dining room window. I hope he has found a new place to find the best bugs.