Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cookie Challenge: Squashie Circles

The other night I make "Pumpkin Pareils" made from pumpkin (squash), coconut milk and eggs. I decided to try one more pumpkin recipe - this time simplifying the recipe even more.
Cookie Challenge: Squashie Circles

1 can of pumpkin (or squash)
3 large eggs

Mix! Grease cookie sheet (I used crisco this time), drop batter on cookie sheet with oral syringe (maybe turkey baster).  Like the last time I made 20cc cookies. Bake at 400 degrees for about 8 minutes. Cookies should have a small ring of brown crust and a "set" center.

While the coconut milk cookies were a bit puffier, the squashie circles came out almost totally flat - almost like dehydrated sweet potato in consistency. A bit rubbery to start - after a couple of hours on a baking rack they were a crispier chew. The cookies were certainly pretty though - perhaps the prettiest I've made in this set of experiments actually...

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