Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookie Challenge: Q's Tuna Surprise

One of the favorites around here (of all THREE critters) are my infamous Tuna Brownies. Even notoriously picky Q enjoys a kitty-sized slice of tuna fudge....Now, here's the challenge: update the recipe to gluten-free tuna brownies. Ready?

First, let me remind you that this recipe is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. Every time I dump a can of tuna into the blender I can't help but think of that infomercial for BlendTec Blenders...Will it blend? Tuna, it turns out does blend - into this creamy frothy fishy milkshake monstrosity.

Another word of wisdom - unless you really like the smell of tuna you might want to bake these on a day when you can open windows, light lots of scented candles or transfer the baking outside to the BBQ grill (which I've done several times before).

3 cans of tuna (in spring water)
1 cup parmesan cheese
4 large eggs
1 package (1 lb) Bob's Red Mill Pizza Crust mix (no yeast packet)
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 cup warm water

Blend cans of tuna (and tuna juice), water, eggs, cheese and garlic until pureed and smooth. In a stand mixer, mix tuna puree with pizza mix (brown rice flour) - I highly recommend the paddle attachment for this one. Mix until well incorporated. Dough should be pretty stiff yet spreadable. Prepare cookie sheet with olive oil or butter, spread dough mixture out evenly and bake in a 325 degree oven for 45 minutes. While cookies are still warm cut into squares with a pizza cutter - alternatively you can "punch" with cookie cutters into attractive cookie shapes.

Q wouldn't pose with his cookie namesake. He did eat the 
dog-cookie's head off though.
Tuna brownies are always a  hit - with gluten or without. The same is true for mac and cheese brownies or liver brownies...In case anyone was wondering, I'll NEVER make another batch of liver brownies - way too much blender carnage. Tuna brownies remain a confirmed favorite and we'll probably make them gluten free again in the future!

As always I leave the cookies out overnight to let them dry out a bit - in this house with my devious yellow thieves I de-pan the cookie squares and when the oven has mostly cooled off I'll tuck the cookies back into the oven (typically before bed).

One of my favorite "will it blend" videos:

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