Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmases of the Past

I had these hanging at the office - a Christmas retrospective of sorts. As I was taking them down I thought I'd share (and to some extent preserve) our cards of the past.

Christmas 2003: Kasei posing in front of my enormous
Christmas Tree. This was just before his crutiate surgery. Remember FILM?

Christmas 2004: 7 year old Kasei (r) and and 8 month old Murphy.
The card that launched the era of more involved dog cards and
thankfully we're now digital!!!

Christmas 2005: A sad year for us. Kasei died the day
after Thanksgiving, Murphy made a solo appearance on the card.

Christmas 2006: Murphy had started competing in
agility, so naturally our card had to be him jumping
over or through something!!! 

Christmas 2007: Three year old Murphy and 11 month old Teller.
No real snow so I had to enlist photoshop for some seasonal magic.

Christmas 2008: Teller in his first year of competition finished
his Canadian Championship, then his CD, RN and CGN. Murphy
finished his CDX and OAJ.

Christmas 2009: Glamour shot! Nearly three year old Teller (L) and
five year old Murphy. The out-takes of this one were hysterical: Teller
retrieving ornaments, the boys playing tug with the garland. Murphy deciding NOT
to stay any more, dragging Teller around my his tinsel, red eye, burning myself on the
halogen lamp I was using for lighting, cleaning up tinsle off the floor at waggles for weeks....

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Kristine said...

These are so lovely. What great memories to keep around you.