Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas for the boys...

So, what did two very well behaved golden retrievers (who are certainly on Santa's nice list) get for Christmas this year? After spending so much time on the road lately - and in their crates in the van - it seemed logical to improve their "digs" a little. The perfect opportunity to upgrade their comfort arose when I went shopping at the Thanksgiving cluster and met the folks from Kennel Cushion.

Teller (l) and Murphy (r) model their new Kennel Cushions.
The Kennel Cushion beds are made from closed cell foam - polyurethane foam, covered with marine vinyl. Thick resilient foam that is supportive without being overly soft and squishy. And a covering that is water-proof, stain-proof, wipe clean and durable. Seemed like just the ticket for Teller - who doesn't want bedding in his crate and has (in the past) managed to push an entire bath mat out through the wires in the front of his crate. Also for Murphy, who prefers to stand most of the time we're in motion, but at six and a half, really does need something comfortable to sleep on - even if I have to force comfort upon him.

Murphy helps me show off his cushion.
It's a perfect fit!!!
We also have the difficulties of having odd-sized crates - both boys ride in Midwest's SUV side-by-side crates that are 42" long x 21" wide - good luck finding a bed like that off the rack. Any crate solution would have to be either completely custom or semi-custom from a vendor already making products for the side-by-side series. Then factor in the propensity of crate buckets to slosh around a bit and how much fun damp bedding his for everyone involved - especially when we're on the road for a weekend.

So, I ordered two Kennel Cushions - in tan - 41.5" x 20.5" (internal crate dimensions). The new cushions arrived and have been installed for about a week now, the custom sizing from the Kennel Cushion folks was spot-on, the mats fit perfectly in the crates. I've always lined their crates with standard bath-mats because they are grippy on the bottom, dry easily if they are spilled, shake out sand (moderately easily). I've kept the bath mats over the new kennel cushions, which does provide a bit of warmth in the winter too. I can then save the down blankets for supplemental warmth if conditions demand additional bedding.

On a couple of road-trips Teller has gotten too hot for his liking and has moved the bath mat around and laid directly on the vinyl - I get the impression that it probably runs a few degrees cooler than ambient. He's happy, Murphy is happy. Merry Christmas boys!

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