Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Tuesday nights are my evenings to get out and work my dogs - I don't do a lot of training, but my goal was to get in some teeter reps and work a-frame and dog-walk contacts - reinforcing the 2o/2o at the bottom (back-chaining mostly).

With the unexpected snowfall yesterday (about 8" of the fluffy stuff here at homebase) and the dark we didn't get out for a run on Monday so while I was moving contacts around I let both boys off-leash to run around the training center...just like I've done a hundred times. I move equipment around, get setup for what I want to work on and the dogs get to bomb around the room getting some of their "yee-haws" out - wrestling, romping, retrieving...As I'm moving a jump around I notice a spot on the floor - and then another spot. What is that?

Poor Teller, I'm sure it hurts - and it LOOKS horribly painful too.
Oh god, it's blood. And there's another spot, and a dribble and there's a blood pool. Oh GOD! Keep in mind that the boys are STILL playing and wrestling as I'm trying to figure out who's bleeding and from which body part. I suspected Teller right away - for one Murphy would have stopped whatever he was doing if he had hurt himself - and Teller was covered in blood - in his feathers, splashes on his belly because he's still running around like a maniac, in his tail, on his head - both front feet are bloody messes - like I said - blood bath - REALLY BAD.

I put both dogs in down stays and investigate - Teller is missing a nail  just a "stumpy" looking fleshie bit left. Looks like the kwik. OK, lets see what we can do. Vet office is closed, but vet techs are still there - can they take a look? I run around with paper towels and cleaner trying to get all the blood cleaned up. Grab the dogs (no leashes), Teller knowing the routine is that he gets to "work" now takes the teeter on his way out (which means I need to wipe off the teeter now too), get them in the van to get to the vet.

Of course when we get there he's no longer bleeding and he's bouncing around like a crazy dog. We get him up on the table and of course it's the kwik. I suspect that he'll need "surgery" tomorrow to remove the exposed kwik so he doesn't hit it on stuff....it's always something eh?

In the meantime he's settled in after his dinner, he spent a bit of time cleaning himself up - no more blood. Teller seems to be cautious of his foot, but he's certainly sound on it - and he's still chasing the cat around the house and was out in the snow earlier. I'm still settling in from my brush with heart failure...Never a dull moment is there?


Kristine said...

Yikes! Oh, poor Teller, poor you! I would have freaked out, completely lost my mind. At least you were able to have the presence of mind to get him to the vet.

I hope the surgery is relatively painless and he recovers soon. What a nasty scare.

But I gotta say, I love how he kept working, even took the teeter on the way to the car. That sounds just like my dog. :-)

GoldenTracks said...

OMG!!!! (as I am shaking my head) They are so resilient and we just freak out! Seems like a common issue as I know several people who have had similar issues with their dogs. Hope he heals well and quickly and gives mom's heart a break :)

. said...

Thanks guys - I'm usually pretty good "in the moment" but then I KILL myself with all the what-ifs. Most of those answers we won't know about for many WEEKS...Patience, zen and maybe some Ben and Jerry's :-)