Friday, December 10, 2010

The birds have come!

Last weekend I bought a shepherd's hook, a bird feeder, a suet cage and all the fixin's to stock them for a few weeks. I wanted to "pay it forward" by feeding the birds this winter, but I also wanted to provide some entertainment for Q the kitty. So last Saturday I filled the feeders and waited...and waited, and waited and waited. No birds, no squirrels (aren't squirrels supposed to be ALL OVER unattended bird feeders?)...nadda. I was feeling like a bird feeder failure.

Until this morning! When I stepped out of the shower I heard this funny cat noise - part meow, part purr, part I don't know what. Both dogs were with me so I knew they were innocent parties - Q was in his window seat mouth chattering in total over stimulation mode watching birds make use of the new bird feeders! How exciting!!!! I grabbed my camera and took some shots...

Q watching the birdies raid the bird feeder.

Hey there chick-a-dee...a-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee.

Lady Cardinal helping herself to seed...
And like a good guest she cleans up her own mess!

Chick-a-dee enjoying some peanut suet. Ummmmm, beef fat.

The male cardinal was hanging around - but not long enough for me to switch to manual focus. 

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