Saturday, December 25, 2010

And a Christmas romp....

Not a bad way to spend the holiday if I do say so myself....After watching Murph make one lap yesterday and then fuss over snow in his feet for the rest of the romp I decided to put a full set of Pawz on Murphy to see if he'd play in them. His initial reaction was unfavorable - standing in one spot SURE I was abusing him. Once I let him out though he seemed to quickly forget about his grievances. Towards the end of the romp he was fussing with a back foot, when I removed the Pawz I did find that boot to be shredded and he did (despite having his feet clipped) have a snowball.

December 25th: Murphy testing out his pretty purple Pawz.

December 25th: Murphy leaning into a turn.

December 25th: Teller with his gator. Teller lost his large orange chuck-it ball today,
hopefully we'll find it in the spring. I decided to put a full set of Pawz on Teller too. After
his initial objections he also seemed to quickly forget the gear.

December 25th: Murph in the lead, Teller in pursuit.

December 25th: Teller in full extension.

December 25th: Murphy power romping.

December 25th: Happy Murph?

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