Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on "Back on Track"

We're freshly back from our weekend at the Thanksgiving Cluster in Springfield MA (four days of conformation, obedience, rally and agility - we stuck to just agility this year) - shopping was fantastic as usual (more on that in another post), the footing was awesome (Teller is a dirt dawg - more on THAT later too).

As I wandered around I saw that the back on track coats were selling like hot cakes - I kept seeing dog after dog after dog with new Back on Track coats...(Our initial review of the Back on Track coats here). I also discovered that the one I bought from Wizard of Paws is the old style - Teller's Back on Track coat was manufactured back in's pretty non-descript - no labels, no embroidery, smaller collar flap, the new coats are MUCH better from an adjustable standpoint with a different front that I think would let me fit the coat higher up on his chest without making the neck area really tight on him...I really should have waited to purchase Teller's Back on Track coat at the cluster to get the current style - but at the time I didn't know there was a "new" and improved style available...Live and learn - for those that might be planing to mail-order a coat I highly suggest verifying that you're getting the NEW version.

Anyhow, the end result of the cluster was four days of my feet on concrete, a lot of walking, building to building, in the Mallory building, to the parking lot, course building, a lot of standing....the net result was when I got into the car today to head home my back was sore! So I tried something...instead of my usual post-trial cocktail of Aleve and Diet Coke (what's not to love about that right?) I decided to "wear" Teller's Back on Track blanket home. I wore it as a cape wrapped around my shoulders. Interesting sensation as I'm driving to I-91...a bit of a tingle - and a far warmer feeling than what I'd expect from a light-weight fabric.Its hard to describe - the warmth wasn't hot but it was remarkably soothing. I do feel better tonight even after the driving (though I am exhausted - that was a long five days on the road without a lot of sleep).

Teller has been wearing his "pajamas" every night and does seem to move pretty freely while wearing it. Teller DOES still give me that "Please Sir, Dobby does not wish to have clothes" look...Poor, poor Dobby.

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Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for your posts about the Back on Track products. I also had my eye on them, but never found much firsthand experience when I asked around. I placed my order today and made sure it was the new style. Thanks again!